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Puyallup Roof Cleaning


Algae and moss growth on the roof, gutters clogged due to leaves and other debris – both situations promote dampness that is extremely damaging to the roof shingles.

It often causes leaks and overall weakening of the roof. This is where professional roof cleaners come in.

Is your Puyallup roof dirty? Does it have black stains & streaks or green-colored growth? Don’t take things lightly; get in touch with an experienced roofing professional today.

If you want an effective and economical solution to these embarrassing and potentially dangerous problems, the services of Roof Therapy, Inc. are just what you need.

We are a roofing company that has been serving the homeowners of Puyallup, WA since 1998 with high-quality roof cleaning and maintenance services for all types of roofs.

Our areas of roof cleaning services and expertise include:

• Roof stain removal
• Moss removal
• Gutter cleaning
• Regular preventive cleaning
• All roof cleaning services carried out by expert roof cleaners

Puyallup Roof Cleaners


Our roof cleaners have the right knowledge, training, experience and resources to do to a thorough job.

The solutions we use are powerful, non-toxic and safe; our technicians work carefully to dislodge the most stubborn of moss growths and remove the ugliest of stains/streaks without damaging your roof shingles.

Our distinguishing features include:

• Family-owned roof cleaning services company 
• Reputed business accredited with the Better Business Bureau
• Free, no-obligation estimate
• Diligent, considerate and friendly roof cleaners
• Fast service; highly responsive management
• Efficient and lasting results that enhance roof’s longevity
• Top priority to customer convenience and satisfaction

Puyallup Roof Cleaning Services


The lifespan of an average roof is several decades, but your Puyallup roof will last for the years that it should only when it gets due care and is maintained well.

Its comprehensive cleaning carried out at regular intervals offers multiple benefits. It increases the curb appeal of the property by keeping the roof free from dirt, leaves, bird droppings, and fungal & moss growth.

It also helps limit the damage to the roof by preventing accumulation of rainwater there. Additionally, the cleaning process reveals the budding roofing problems, timely resolution of which also adds to the roof’s life.

To protect your roof and preserve its strength and efficiency, it is important that you make roof cleaning services a vital part of your regular property maintenance measures.

Hire Roof Therapy, Inc. for roof cleaning services that you are sure to love, delivered at prices that you can afford.

Call our roof cleaners at (253) 948-0611 for your roof cleaning estimate now!

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