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Spanaway Roof Maintenance


Why should you wait until the roof of your home is faulty and then incur repair costs. It is important to carry out roof maintenance promptly. Roof maintenance is as important as the maintenance of other parts of the home. Though many people take the roof for granted, if you are in the Spanaway area, you should take this opportunity to carry out roof maintenance. Roof maintenance should be done regularly. This is because with regular roof maintenance you will be able to prevent your roof from becoming fault. Faults often occur slowly over time and therefore with regular roof maintenance you will be able to catch them early on and prevent further damage. We at Roof Therapy, Inc. offer Spanaway area homeowners roof maintenance services. If you are looking for roofing maintenance, then look no further. We serve the Spanaway, WA area and we provide you with roof maintenance services such as:

  • Roof moss treatment
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Roof cleaning

Contact us if you are in the Spanaway area for roof maintenance services.

Spanaway Gutter Cleaning


Gutters usually help in guiding and collecting roof water and it is important that you undertake gutter cleaning. Gutter cleaning is part of taking care of your roof and your whole house. With gutter cleaning, you are able to get rid of dirt and debris that gather with time. Gutter cleaning will ensure that there is proper rainwater collection and drainage and this will prevent water damage to your home. You should therefore carry out gutter cleaning on a regular basis. If you want gutter cleaning done for your home, contact us. We have great experience in gutter cleaning and we serve the Spanaway area when it comes to gutter cleaning. Gutter cleaning will ensure:

  • Your gutter is not blocked
  • Your gutter lasts longer
  • Your gutter is always in good working condition
  • Roofing maintenance is properly done

Spanaway Roofing Maintenance


Roofing maintenance is something that all homeowners and business owners should do in the Spanaway area. Roofing maintenance will help you to ensure that all the parts of your roof are in good condition. For good roofing maintenance, there should be regular roofing maintenance that is done after a certain period of time. If you are in the Spanaway area and you want roofing maintenance, contact Roof Therapy, Inc. We offer you quality roofing maintenance services today. Do not wait until you have a faulty and leaking roof, start roofing maintenance today and prevent:

  • Leaking roof
  • Blocked gutters
  • Moss growth

Contact Roof Therapy, Inc. for your Spanaway roofing maintenance today at (253) 948-0611!

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